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July 5, 2007

Gah to being tech-savvy

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Ah, well, *droops*.

Gah to being tech-savvy enough that you can sometimes make things spiffier and more often than not mess up your blog. I found the “widgets” page yesterday and had fun putting up my Bookins widget, which resulted in my losing my very nice “login” section, and now I have no idea where it is in the forest of widget options. One could, I suppose, add each one, one at a time, and see what happens, but I don’t feel up to it.

So, GAH, I say.

Currently feeling sleepy and ache-y and out of sorts. If I had a choice, I’d go home and make myself some nice chicken and mushroom soup, but as it is, it’s only 9:33 am and there’s still another 7.5 hours until work lets out.

I should really get back to writing, but I just can’t seem to summon up the drive for it. It used to be much easier to get into a writing groove when I had to do it everyday and there were people actively waiting to see what would happen in the next installment. However, that was 3 years ago at this point and sadly enough, my fiction writing is no longer in such demand. The writing site that I used to post to now has a system in place where the more you post in quick succession, the higher your ranking goes, which just rankles.


Not to mention that site was in Chinese, heh.
At any rate, the yellow split pea soup simmered at the lowest heat setting on the stove overnight and I’ll be having it for lunch today. I thought it tasted a tad bland, which might or might not have been a case of early morning fuzzy-mouth, and rashly tossed in a tin of chicken stock and tomato paste. We’ll see how that goes.

Side-note, I’ll have to keep in mind that un-sweetened dried cherries soaked in plum wine are perfectly divine in chocolate cake. Yum.

P.S: Huzzah! Found it under “Meta”. Yay!

P.P.S: Much better, I think with 12oz of tomato paste and one tin of chicken stock. Will therefore try celery and etc. next time.


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