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July 9, 2007

Nonstop action? NOT exactly a ringing endorsement…

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Nonstop action — I suppose that it’s supposed to be a good thing, for most people.  I just want some plot advancement that doesn’t involve, oh say, dodging bullets, amazing acrobatics, life-threatening freaks of nature… yada yada yada.

Take the Weather Warden series, for example. Joanne seems to be constantly on the run, fixing something, destroying something, never a moment when she is simply living. Something always has to come up, there can’t ever be less than ten zillion balls in the air, God forbid that she ever have a moment’s peace, physically, mentally, or otherwise.

Then, the Rogue Angel series by Alex Archer. It is very well done, with very interesting premises — but I found myself tossing it down not even halfway through the first chapter. I liked the first book, it was fabulous. I hoped that things would slow down, overall plot lines would come out , she’d have some time to discover what exactly made her world tick…but no. I’ve only read the first few books, but it seems as though not only can she not stay out of danger, she can’t seem to form any sort of relationship with anyone either. True, she gains allies in almost every book, but then they all leave in the end too.

*sigh* It disturbs me when authors write like that. It’s almost as though they can’t keep the story moving without adrenaline. I want plot, excitement, drama, all that. But I don’t appreciate it when authors act like a slave-driver, keeping you moving by sheer fear alone.

I’ll keep reading these authors, but I don’t think I’ll be buying their books. There are authors I can read and re-read, but I just can’t bring myself to re-read books that are really nothing but flash and sparkle. Once the adrenaline settles, it’s often painfully obvious that the plot really hasn’t advanced much at all.


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