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July 13, 2007

Veganism, vegetarianism, or hedonism?

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I just read a dialogue between Isa Chandra author of Vegan with a vengeance, and Charles Eisentein, author of The yoga of eating.

I have to say, I rather feel sorry for the poor chap. It was a rather one-sided debate, in my opinion, since there really is no way to defend eating meat.

Perhaps, if you lived out in the country off the grid and had your own farm where you kept your own livestock and planted your own vegetables and never ate anything that you didn’t make yourself or traded for with your farmer friends down the road, whom you visited by horse — then that would probably be a greener option than living in the city, driving a car, eating vegan food that isn’t remotely near locally produced and climbing the corporate ladder for a company that has no ethics — but it wouldn’t be more ethical.

If you have the ability to sustain yourself with as little killing as possible, then there is no alternative that is more ethical. Unless, of course, you’re kept captive by a carnivorous tribe that has a religion based around plant worship and they feed you nothing but barbeque.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I realize that I’m doing something wrong when I choose to eat meat, take long hot showers, turn on the AC when I’m not in imminent danger of spontaneous combustion, don’t tithe 10% or more of my income, use incandescent instead of fluorescent, shop at Walmart instead of the local mom and pop’s, order ten zillion books from Amazon, visit China every summer and winter break …

However, I also said, half-seriously, that if I ever have a kid, then I’d go vegan. *grins* The logic being that the two off-set each other to some extent. The energy, money, free-time, food, gas, etc etc that I save by not having a child will allow me to eat meat within reason without (too much ) guilt.

Granted, I’m not sure the calculation absolutely works out, and there’s certainly no one that’s going to hold me to this Faustian bargain. As it is, I think I’m just going to keep trying to find more vegetarian/vegan menu options to put into my regular food roulette.


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