The calm at the center of a pearl

August 1, 2007


Filed under: Journaling — kyraninse @ 2:46 pm

My new supervisor came by today with a huge stack of paper, about a ream of it, and said: “If you’re feeling bored while sitting at the desk, you can cut these up for scrap paper.”

Note: I work at the library during the summer and essentially we do everything. We pull and pack books for interlibrary loan and we unpack and we man the circulation desk. We also vacuum the shelves and books.

So, with all that we get to do on our other hours, we’re usually more than happy to sit at the desk, figuratively put our feet up and do our ‘thing’. I read fluff, my co-workers study for the GRE.

It goes unsaid, really, that there’s no such thing as being “bored” at the desk. The quibble is, if you want us to do something, don’t be all passive-aggressive about it.  Feel free to just say: “I want you to do X and Y.” You’re the supervisor, you’ve the right. Don’t spout some nonsense and still expect us to be happy and do it. Any sane person knows that the sentence you had in mind was “When you’re not checking books in or out, I want you to cut these up for scrap paper”, but now she was just setting herself up for someone to say: “I’m studying for the GRE, I’m not bored, heh.”



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