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August 1, 2007

When, where, why, how?

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I been reading Naked, and I’m feeling envy.

There’s Ebony, Essence and Jet — but where are the books and mags for Asians?

Sure, there’s literature on the Asian-American experience, there’s studies done on us/them, but where’s the pop lit for the Chinks?

Where are the re-affirming reads for the Asian girl who doesn’t fit in, who hits the glass ceiling, who is insecure about her body and eyes? Where are the entire sections of library shelves devoted to authors clamoring about the trials and tribulations faced by Asian Americans? Where are the books written by Asian Americans for Asian Americans featuring Asian Americans? (whoa, lot of repetition there)

Sure, I don’t like the fact that there’s a “Chinese studies” major. I hate the fact that so often people need to draw distinctions and claim abuse and whinge about how badly they’ve been treated because of their ethnicity or their skin color or their accent or their religion. It’s irritating as all heck is what.

I want to hear from the silent ones that are like me. It’s part of the whole Asian paradox, that there’s so little literature on them. Black people, so more obviously discriminated against, are much more vocal in their rage and support. But the Asians? They just float in and out of psychological studies and doctoral theses.

I want to know if it’s just me, or do other feel this way. If anyone else has my problems, my insecurities, my ambivalence about myself.

The fact that it’s not acknowledged by ourselves — really only serves to make that line that much more distinct.


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  1. I want to know if it’s just me, or do other feel this way. If anyone else has my problems, my insecurities, my ambivalence about myself.

    It certainly isn’t just you. As another banana and an ABC (but where A is for Australian), I can’t recall ever seeing any sort of role-model or believable Asian character that isn’t peripheral. Growing up was funny like that.

    Have you heard of this graphic novel? I saw it at the shops and would be interested to see how the author has dealt with the Asian paradox.

    Comment by V — October 22, 2007 @ 4:26 am

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