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September 11, 2007

Methinks something stinks — and not only in the state of Denmark

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I signed up for something online, one of those “we’ll send you something every month unless you tell us not to, and then we’ll send you something anyways, because we’re broken like that!”

Well, suffice to say that it was one of those “sign up for 5 things and we’ll give you a free Ipod!”

Also, suffice to say that I didn’t manage to get an Ipod because of their internal workings that went wrong.

To think, I even calculated out how much I’d save if I did the offers instead of just buying an Ipod.

Next time I’ll just buy an Ipod 😦

Anyways, I logged onto the website today and tried to cancel my account. The funny thing is, this was another one of those “you must call in order to cancel your account or we’ll keep charging your credit card” sites. Another funny thing is that usually it takes about 40 minutes to get ahold of their customer service person.

Is it just me, or is there a correlation here?


I shall endeavor to not be so stupid again.

BTW, the site is Columbia House, and they sell DVDs, just FYI.


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