The calm at the center of a pearl

January 18, 2008

On bananas and eggs.

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❤ to Akhil, he always makes me laugh.


Akhil picks through the big glass bowl of bananas, the look on his face becoming increasingly more dissatisfied.

Finally, he turns to me, the closest known person in sight and demands: “Tell me why this banana is still green but also has rotting brown spots.”

I look at the banana, which is, admittedly, really rather repulsive. It was a sickly yellow with green ridges and it had a uniform scattering of small round freckles.

I bite my lower lip to hold in the laughter and explain as best as I can, “Well, they pick the bananas when they’re still very green and ship them like that. Then once they get to wherever they want it, they put them into gas chambers to make them ripen, which is why it’s green and brown all at the same time…” I trail off at the look of disgust on his face.

He looks straight at me and says with mournful contempt: “This is such a nasty country.”

I dissolve into giggles as he walks away, his voice still trailing along behind him, “…such a nasty country.”


A friend of mine was talking about donating her eggs. Or rather, if we want to be crude about it, to sell her eggs.

I looked it up, and it’s not bad — about 5k for a donation, and if you repeatedly donate and your eggs have shown to have been viable, you can often even get a better price.

Even better for Asian donors, apparently. I was surprised that there was even a demand for it. But there is, because Asians are less likely to want to donate in the first place, it seems.

And here I thought we were moving past primogeniture and offspring obsession.


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