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January 21, 2008

Ghost wolf no longer tame-able… /mourn

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I realize I’m slightly behind on this — to the point where the thread complaining about it has already been locked.

But I have to say, this is another straw on the camel’s back.

Regardless of what other people may say regarding semantics and splitting hairs with the use of language — hunters across the board, including me, interpreted what they said as “we will not be pulling this feature from the game because it’s a cool way of doing things” as “we will not be changing this”.

Secondly, if you do want to split hairs, it’s underhanded and nasty to pull the feature without saying anything beforehand. Especially as you need to rustle up 200+ gold for the Mystical Skyfire Diamond, a priest to MC, a shaman with Heroism/Bloodlust, a LW with the drums, and preferably some Juju Flurry.

I’ve been having issues with Blizzard for some while now, but this pretty much takes the brownie for the day. I’ve been debating staying on WoW and this certainly doesn’t help matters.

Why WoW is getting less fun:

  • I’m probably never going to see end-game content and I’m getting increasingly bitter about that.
  • Blizz seems to be catering to the PvP crowd and as I prefer PvE, it means there are many things which tick me off regarding their policies surrounding the issue.
  •  Blizz doesn’t seem to care over-much about hunters – it’s really depressing

Regarding end-game content:

  • I don’t feel like re-speccing BM just to be competitive as a DPSer for raids.
  • There’s not a large demand for hunters for 25-mans that I can see. Most guilds I’ve asked after have their hunter class closed to applications.
  •  The general dynamic surrounding raiding guilds (of the ones I’ve been exposed to) doesn’t appeal.
  • I don’t really want to raid more than 2 nights a week if I can help it. Unfortunately, that coupled with my general rebelliousness doesn’t help the end-game progression.  (I’m admitting freely that 99% of this really is my personality not meshing with the general raiding atmosphere)

PvP vs PvE:

  •  The fact that S1 bow is better than the Thrallmar exalted bow pisses me off. I don’t think it’s fair to the people who farmed out the Thrallmar bow for it to be so blatantly sub-par to the gladiator’s crossbow.
  • I’m marginally less peeved, because it IS S3, but still peeved that Legacy < S3 axe. Seriously, a rare drop off of a mob that doesn’t show up all the time in a 10 man raid is < than a pvp axe which you can get by losing 10 arena matches a week for — what, 10 weeks?
  • BG epics piss me off, since Blizz still hasn’t found out a way to stop afkers. I say the Battleground leader should just be given the ability to boot the afkers.

And I don’t even want to go into why playing a hunter isn’t fun anymore. Meh.



  1. 1. If you’re that sure about not seeing end-game content, you never will. It takes time and focus to get into anything beyond kara.

    2. They may be keeping lots of their attention to pvp because the fact is PvP requires more attention. Having so many classes and trying to keep them in par with each other so that the greater % of players don’t get pissed off is more important that keeping an eye over an instance that never changes unless they change it.

    3. Blizzard hasn’t been doing much with hunters because there isn’t much to do. The class is pretty much balanced in terms of PvP and PvE, theres no need to go and make any major changes.

    4. There is an alternative: Survival and stacking agi to be a raider buffer, although I would find that less attractive than BM. A fact of WoW is that you can’t have everything you want, Blizz created each tree with a purpose and BM was the raiding spec, if you want end-game content your best bet is going to be BM.

    5. If it’s as bad as you say then look up class populations on other servers, find one lower on hunters and transfer.

    6. Then how can you want to PvE? PvE is based around playing with other players, if their rules don’t appeal to you, how can PvE?

    7. There is such thing as social raiding guilds, I myself am in one. We never raid more than 3 times and week and don’t go past 11 pm and yet we’re in Hyjal.Try and find one, and it never hurts to try and start one with your friends.

    8. If you’re farming thrallmar rep, you’re wasting time. There’s a much better bow in Heroic Steamvault named Wrathtide Longbow. Much more worth the time if you’re gonna farm something. A little pvp here and there can earn you that S2 Cbow you know, I don’t fall aupon many people who have never pvped before.

    9. You’re all wrong here, Legacy > S3 axe any day for pve, if you see a hunter raid with S3 Axe then thats because they’re either stupid, or don’t have anything else. Legacy has roughly 120 AP, +460 HP, 8 MP5, and 1% chance to crit from the Agi. S3 Axe has 92 AP +620 HP and 2.08% chance to crit. I don’t know about you but 8 MP5 and almost 30 more AP looks better than some HP and 1% chance to crit for PvE.

    10. Your idea about booting could work, but I would say not until they become inactive.(The debuff given to players who are reported in-game by others). And you can’t complain about BGs giving out epics, some people can’t stand PvE and don’t have the time to do it. I remember Pre-BC when PvE players rocked battlegrounds, just because anyone who didn’t PvE had crappy blues. The only thing that would stand in their way was the occasional high warlord with his premade.

    Every class gets dull, I don’t have 3 70s no reason, I got bored and leveled another. I’m not saying go level another character, just take a break. I found that leveling an alt with you’re friends takes away all that “I need to get this and that done today, and do this and that instance” that causes the game to become Repetitive, the game isn’t a MMO for no reason, playing with friends makes it that much more fun.

    -Systim of Draka

    Comment by Systim — July 13, 2008 @ 3:43 am

  2. Hi, thanks for commenting.
    In response to #6, I’m not quite sure what you’re referring to, so it’d be grand if you clarified.
    I raid on Smolderthorn — or used to. It’s a fairly populated realm and so almost any guild who actually is able to do kara does not have a hunter slot open. No joke. All my friends play on Smolder, about 5 of them, so there’s no question of transferring.
    I did try to get a guild going to do social raiding — but it fairly fell apart because of a variety of reasons. Not least of which people lack the patience to wait for other people to gear up or level up and so moved on.
    About wrathtide — I was farming heroics to see if ANY bow would drop. Between waiting for something/anything to drop, I farmed out thrallmar exalted. Nothing dropped in the meantime, no joke there either. So I just kept that bow until I got my badge bow.
    I’m not sure if we’re weighting things similarly. Mp wasn’t a huge deal for me because I never ran out and I decided that bumping up my crit to 28% was worth more than 30 AP. I could be wrong.

    Comment by kyraninse — July 13, 2008 @ 12:06 pm

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