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January 23, 2008

Children of the Moon… sound familiar?

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I was reading the Children of the Moon series by Sunny and it really pole-axed me how many aspects in her stories remind me of Anne Bishop’s Dark Jewels trilogy.

This brings me to wonder: Considering that it seems like there’s a very definite type of book being published now, how acceptable is it to lift ideas from best-selling authors? Or even, to give other authors the benefit of the doubt, how acceptable is it also, to lift an idea that resonates with you?

That also leads me to wonder — a lot — just what the heck does Anne Bishop think about Sunny’s book? It’s not as if it’s really easily over-look-able that there’s a LOT of blatently lifted thing.

Patricia Briggs once mentioned somewhere, I forget where, that she didn’t really want to spring for the two potential love interest plot bunny, but her publishers “highly encouraged” it. (no, none of that is a quote, I’m paraphrasing)

It’s not that readers don’t notice it either. More than one person has commented on how certain series seem to be similar to best-selling series written by another author. More than one has also commented on how there seems to be similar plot bunnies fornicating like crazy.

  • More than one love interest (this…is a HUGE one)
  • More than one sexual lover (also big)
  •  OMG crazy stupid powers that she doesn’t know how to use or even that she has ’em. (…can I say, HATRED?)
  • Sleeping / having sexual tension with powerful men, and multiples of them at that.

…and those are just the ones I can come up with off the bat.

I wonder what other readers think. I know I’m pretty sick of the same old plot bunnies fornicating in the same old green fields. Not to mention some other peeves I have hidden in the closet.

  • I really hate how you can shut a woman up by making her wild with desire. Seriously, I’ve never been over-come with lust before just by someone standing there. And what’s with the “omg kiss the woman to shut her up and it works and she melts against you” shtick?
  •  Deus ex Machina. Lord save me from the blundering female lead who manages to get everything right against ALL odds.
  • the “I hate you I hate you I hate you and I’m NOT being rational about it …until I suddenly hop in bed with you and that makes it all better” plot bunny. (I’d like to shoot this particular bunny in the face — multiple times)



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