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January 28, 2008

First time puking from booze — 1/27/08

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Let’s just say, it wasn’t a great experience.

Let’s also say, it’s funny how playing WoW makes me want to get drunk.

Anyways. After 4 hours spent helping guildies get their Ogri’la daily pre-reqs done, I was ready to get drunk. I had originally thought that it would take an hour tops. It’s 5 or 6 quests, and we had 3 guildies — easy, right?

*rolls eyes* The tank left after the 3rd one was done because he had been playing for 12 hours straight and needed a break. Which was cool, y’know, since he didn’t need the quests anyways. Then one of the guildies presumably got parental aggro because he logged without saying anything. But then we were stuck in the unique situation of needing 5 people to summon the mob for the next quest. So — 20 minutes later after paying someone to come help, two other people show up. Cool. Except after we summon and kill the mob, we discover that one of them needs the first 3 done. Considering that we need people to help period, we go back and re-do the first two. Then the person who needs the first 3 DCs suddenly, logs back on, and is apparently AFK. We sit around and wait for a while. 5 minutes later, we kick him, invite another, and go do phase 4 again…

And the entire thing took me 4 hours. And I was helping guildies that were going to / are going to leave my guild because they want to go raid. I knew this. But I don’t like not helping when I can. But it SUCKS to be used, even when it’s myself offering myself up for the using.

So I head over to Charseph’s room to get boozed up.

A couple of hours and 1/3 of a bottle of vodka later, I go home. I felt woozy and tipsy and I couldn’t walk in a straight line, but I didn’t feel too soaked.

Went home, fell in bed, woke myself up puking.

Pulled myself out of bed, wandered down the hallway naked, staggered into the shower.

Cue more puking.

At some point I couldn’t keep myself upright and sat on the floor — next thing I know I was picking myself up from the floor and the shower was still running.

I go back to my room and see that it’s 7:30 in the morning and my bed’s a mess.


I’m more discomfited by the fact that I wasn’t feeling drunk to begin with. Considering that once I got horrible stomach pains after drinking, and that I was mostly nauseous (no hangover) for most of today,  it might be that my stomach just doesn’t like copious amounts of alcohol.

Disturbing to think that even drinking some would result in puking my guts out and feeling like I had the stomach flu all day. Or maybe it was because I only had two hamburgers to eat all day yesterday and I started drinking on a mostly empty stomach this morning at 1am?


Not a great experience.  Still curious about my alcohol tolerance though. Also still curious about why I still play WoW.


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