The calm at the center of a pearl

February 1, 2008

WoW, IS, and all things in the vein.

Filed under: Journaling — kyraninse @ 3:04 pm

Guild seems to be settling down. I’m hoping that people who want to/would leave, have. I’m hesitant to invite more people, because the base problem hasn’t been settled: that of lower levels not being able to find groups within the guild. Also, I’m not sure if I want to continue GMing the guild actively, and so it’s all up in the air currently.

I still need to do data input for IS and possibly do more research on it. Frankly it needs a lot more work than I’m currently giving it, but I’ve been feeling so incredibly under the weather — I haven’t even been playing WoW, so it’s not that which is taking up my spare time.

I’m conflicted about the guild. I would like to get into raiding, but the idea of organizing people and DKP and all that on top of IS and my body is making me cringe already. Also, it may be that a female GM isn’t the way to go. Chris told me about how a guild fell apart despite having a very competent GM because the GM was female — and I’m hardly very competent. Also, I need to learn how to confront people without feeling a. evil b. insecure c. like running for the hills.
Been sleeping a lot lately, feeling nauseous, etc. Don’t think it’s mono or chronic fatigue, although some of the symptoms match. I really hope it’s something diagnosable, because otherwise they’ll think I’m just a slacker.

as always…meh.


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