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February 14, 2008

The thing about euphemisms

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I just read a post about what euphemisms are good ones and which ones to avoid. There are a couple that I nodded vigorously at and a couple which elicited 😦 .

I actually like euphemisms like “hardness” and “moist warmth” — but then I’ve been accused of being too conservative when trying to write smut. Also I do realize to each their own, what does it for me doesn’t necessarily do it for another, but it’s somewhat disheartening still.
Zora, for example, doesn’t like the use of “cock”, “cunt”, and “pussy”, whereas I don’t mind it and sometimes even find it extra titillating. I’ve been writing a smutty short story that was prompted by “Mistress” by Leda Swan – which I really have to get around to reviewing since I’ve already read it.

Reading all the fluff lately really has started to persuade me that aside from the copious amounts of willpower I must rustle up, it really can’t be that difficult. I get all sorts of Mary-Sue-ish books coming my way, writing that wanders from the truly purple to those that I want to have them re-take Writing 101. Also sad are the great number of people who had a good plot bunny that died in the execution.

Ah well, back to the grind, I guess.


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