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March 18, 2008

Alessi’s Chin Family gadgets –racist?

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I’ve been poking about lately, and came across this post about the gadgets and racism.

Personally, I don’t find them so. *shrug* It’s not uncommon in my mind to see smiling cartoons characters to have slanted eyes and whereas I’m slightly meh about the use of the Qing dynasty’s clothing as they’re not really Han Chinese –it’s not horrible in my opinion.

Your mileage may vary.

As for the comments of people who commented that those living in the home country safe from racism have no concept of it — I can see how that comment would be valid, but I have spent approximately only 3 years of my 22 years in Taiwan so I’m really tempted to just dismiss it as people over-reacting to a certain extent.

I’m not going to, because I can see their point to a certain extent.

But I’ve also been taunted with the fingers dragging at the corners of the eyes and chanted renditions of Ching Chong Chinaman. At some point, you pick your battles, IMO.


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