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April 23, 2008

My evil plans still lie undetected! *cackle*

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Out of horrible paranoia that I would find a link on the intarwebz of me puking my guts out — I ran a search on myself.

To my great pleasure — nothing came up!

I could be wrong, since I didn’t go through all ten zillion web pages to see if I came up. But what’s really odd was that I didn’t even show up when I tried my name + facebook/myspace etc. And I know I’m on those sites. It might just be that my Google-fu utterly fails.

I’m not entirely surprised. To be frank, I’d be pretty horrified if anything did come up.

Pre-college, I predominantly hung out on Chinese fora and websites. After going to college, my natural paranoia made it so I never put down my real name for anything.

What’s entertaining is that I can find myself all over the internet if I plug in my preferred use-name. And so can anyone who’s been told, really. But who would know that  I didn’t want to?

So what pops up when YOU Google yourself?


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  1. I changed my name not so long ago, so, nothing. I have a googlegänger who sells real estate in Virginia, but that’s all.

    Comment by Thene — April 23, 2008 @ 8:18 pm

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