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April 25, 2008

Blogging for money and so such

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What do you think about blogging for money?

I keep seeing it touted as “a smart way to capitalize on yourself” or “why not make money doing something you enjoy?” etc etc.

But really, I’m not sure how I stand on it.

Sure, since I’m a couple ten grand in debt, any spare cash is wonderful — but…

To be honest, I’m not a clicker. I might enjoy your site immensely, but I’d really be more willing to donate to your tip jar than to click on all those little Google ads you’ve got lying about. Sure it actually costs me money but to my way of thinking it’s much, much more honest than me clicking on a load of things and then never really paying them attention.

On that vein — to a large extent I ignore all those Adsense thingamabobs. I usually manage to not see them, or ads are just so much a part o’ the usual web scenery that I don’t really notice.

Continuing down that vein, I’d donate to you if I read you regularly and I wanted to support you. Huge tip jars with neon .gifs and glitter demanding/asking/pleading for me to donate will usually result in the clicking of that little red x up in the corner.

Sure it’d be lovely to get money from blogging, but I’m not certain that’s the way I want my blog to go. What with the Adsense and the banners and all that whatnot.

I’m pretty positive that’s what the Chinese call “骨气”1, or what the English might call ornery — but I don’t think I’d feel the same about my blog if it turned into a job or something that I’m trying to sell.

But then, I’d have a long ways to go in terms of cleaning up what I’m writing about and putting up tasteful ads and all that frippery anyways.

So, what do YOU think about it? Under what circumstances would you be willing to donate to a writer, or even pay for writing?

(I really want to be able to set up a poll, but wordpress doesn’t seem to want to support it. Maybe this marks the “need to get own domain” break-off point.)

Literally translated as “bone air/aura/essence”. It’s a noun describing/connotating pride, self-respect, dignity, and stubbornness all rolled up in a jumble. For example, when you say someone has it, you mean that person has ethics he will stand by, he will persevere and will not wilt under pressure. On the other hand, there’s a saying that “you can’t eat ‘it’ for supper” which is disparaging people for being unrelenting.



  1. Why blog for money when you can sell your articles to magazines and anthologies instead? I’ve not started doing that yet, but I once received an email solicitation from an editor who’d come across my blog… It involves more polishing and stamina, and means you ‘own’ your work far less, but if you’re doing all that writing anyway and you’d like some cash for it, surely that’s a better income.

    Comment by Thene — April 25, 2008 @ 7:16 am

  2. Ah, see, that’s another kettle of fish entirely. There might need to be another post about saving up enough stuff for your own book as opposed to selling whatever you can whenever you can.

    I think that the point of having Adsense and tip jars and whatnot is that the writer does not expect to be “formally” published and knows that their writing is not of the sort that either belongs in an anthology or in a book or even a magazine OR they don’t want to make the effort to make it a publishable item.

    Or, and also, it may be that it’s just more profitable to have ads and banners and whatnot. I’ve read on multiple blogs that some people get around $1k a month through judicious use of Adsense and etc.

    I don’t know, does that make sense?

    Comment by kyraninse — April 26, 2008 @ 8:03 pm

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