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May 4, 2008

To nip or not to nip?

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I’m not entirely sure I understand why there’s this taboo against not wearing a bra. From what I can tell with a quick rather pro-longed Google search is that people say that it’s either for support, or so perky nipples can be adequately contained.

I’m wondering, why is it that a woman’s breasts have to be so highly sexualized that they must needs be “contained” so as to not offend the public.

It’s been mentioned that having your nipples show through your shirt is seen as tacky and unprofessional.

So, is this because:

  • Breasts are, above all, a portion of the woman’s anatomy that points to sex and therefore anything that brings it to attention, aka perky nipples, is seen as a potential come on?
  • Perky nipples are obviously induced by arousal and arousal only — therefore if someone can see your nipples, that means you’re aroused and …???
  • Having two bumps in a rather prominent portion of the bust is distracting and therefore undesirable?

Personally, I don’t go bra-less because I feel that perky nipples disrupts the flow of the clothing and the sleek lines that it otherwise would have. I’m also, frankly, very tired of people staring at my breasts more than usual.

But what is it exactly and why is is appropriate to have such antiquated views towards a woman’s breasts? It’s not if they can even come up with any reasonable response.


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  1. I try not to care about nipping, but the worry does lead me to wear an undervest or cardigan some days. It’s at least a bit unappealing – it’s also a pretty even standard, as men avoid letting their nipples show in professional settings too. I even have a bra that I sometimes wear for job interviews, if I can’t find a vest or sports top that’ll do.

    You know what I love? Those almost-naked photos where you can see everything except nipples. Bare breasts, stomachs, sometimes buttocks too, but not nipples. If you could see the nipples she’d be naked, and that would be terrible. Pictures like that make me not give a flying shit about nipping.

    Comment by Thene — May 5, 2008 @ 6:51 am

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