The calm at the center of a pearl

May 6, 2008

Networking goddess — I am most definitively not

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Dad just reminded me of my host mom.

I feel really bad about it, but I was assigned a host mom when I first got to college because I’m an international student — and between one thing and another I never really ended up hanging out with her asides from two or three times at most in four years.

It’s really all my fault — since I neglect to email her on my own, invite her to things, etc. Not that there’s much going on in my life in terms of baseball games and recitals and all that…

I find it hard to keep in touch with people I don’t see on a regular basis — and I’m bad about posting updates about myself and whatnot.

But now dad mentions that we should probably go hang out with them and bring them a little something for that “thank you for being willing to take care of my daughter” aspect and I have NO idea what to get the kids. There’s two kids, who I’m sad to say I don’t even remember their names and ages, and they’re boys. They’re about junior-high-ish age.

God — as if I didn’t have enough stress in my life already.

Anyone have any ideas?


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