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May 6, 2008

WoW gripes

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Macroed anything is usually bad — but for some reason warlock macros usually take the cake.

Warlock: I will give you a soul shard if you answer my summon, Felguard! Attend to me from the Abyss from which you will come. Please answer my call, Felhoun!
*felguard appears*
Warlock roots around in a bag and throws a mysterious shard to Felhoun.

Ok. I have nothing against RPers, let me just get that out there.

However, NO ONE wants to have to read that every single time you summon your pet.

What’s worse is when then have different macros for different pets and then there’s the summoning their steed thing and…

Seriously, I’m starting to believe that warlocks as a breed are just more prone to being drama queens. You don’t see ME saying something retarded like “Kyraninsa just magically misdirected hatred from herself onto Ravenclaw with an arrow of arcane energy” every single time I use mis-direct.



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  1. Well, I’ve found that whispering exception buff macros are actually really useful in raids when pally-buffing.


    Comment by Kell — May 7, 2008 @ 11:03 am

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