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May 12, 2008

Anger-inducing crapola

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I broke a promise to myself that I would, at least(!), try to find enough time in my busy, busy schedule to blog everyday. And I haven’t for the past three days :(, which is rather saddening.

But, I’m taking a break from packing, hanging out with my parents (who came all the way from China for my college graduation), and the lovely whirlwind of “senior activities” to bitch and moan a bit.

I had, I thought, an agreement with Zora and Zach that they would help me bring back ten boxes of my stuff back to the East coast.

Then Charlie happened.

He had put off everything until the last possible minute and then asked them if they could take him back to NYC along with all of his stuff. They agreed and then his stuff took up so much space that his mother said that she was going to rent a U-haul trailer so that it would all fit.

Roza asked me this morning if I was willing to chip in on the cost and then have a ton of space within which to put all of my books and cookingware and whatnot. That would’ve been fine — in fact it was fucking amazing.

THEN Zach’s parents happened. Specifically, Zach’s mom put her foot down against having a U-haul trailer because she is convinced that Zach, not used to driving with one, would then proceed to crash and burn somewhere along the 500 odd miles back to NYC. O–kay — except now they might not have enough space to bring back the ten boxes that I had already, weeks in advance, told them were going back with them. In fact, it was because that I could send boxes along with them that I told my parents not to rent an SUV when they came. And now, less than 17 hours away from departure, they’re telling me it might not happen?


Oh wait you say, 17 hours? Didn’t they say they were leaving on TUESDAY? Why, it’s only Monday morning at one AM!

Nope, definitely didn’t hear wrong.

Zach’s dad has to be back in NYC so they’re all leaving A DAY EARLY. Or, to be fair, something more akin to 12 hours early. And Zach must needs leave with him. Because he doesn’t want people’s stuff sitting around in his car for an extended period of time.

Which is fair!

BUT would it have killed them to have said EARLIER that they were going to insist on leaving on Monday and not Tuesday?

And when do they bust this on me? That’s right, less than 30 fucking minutes ago.

Zora had come up while I was packing to tell me to go downstairs because we were doing graduation presents — it would have been FUCKING nice if SOMEONE had told me beforehand that this was going to happen so I could then SKIP THE CONCERT AND STAYED IN MY ROOM AND PACKED LIKE I WAS GOING TO.

I am very, very angry at this point.

I would be fine with:

A. Not having Zora or Zach’s parents put up my stuff over the next 2-3 months.
B. Not having them bring my stuff back to the East Coast.
C. Staying up later / doing more packing earlier.


I’m not operating from a sense of entitlement — I was fucking grateful when they said they would do this. HOWEVER, you do NOT tell me that you CAN’T put up my stuff and CAN’T bring it all of it back and aren’t giving me enough time to pack WITHOUT ENOUGH FUCKING ADVANCE WARNING.

I’m not angry at Zora. I’m not even that angry at Zach. Although I think he’s letting his parents steam-roller over him and that he needs to stand up to them at some point when they’re dicking around with promises that he made to his friends — I’m still not angry with him.

I AM angry at his parents. I’m also angry at Charlie, who threw the monkey wrench into the works to start with. But more the parents.

God, I’m angry.

I don’t need this kind of anger the morning of my graduation.

Just fuck it.

By the way, it’s been raining all bloody day today and it’s been cold on top of it. If it’s cold and rainy tomorrow morning for my graduation… I don’t want to have to have my college graduation in the FUCKING gym, Ok?

Just fuck it.


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