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May 14, 2008

Moving — to toss or to spend?

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Right now, because Zach’s mom was throwing a fit in the car about how many boxes I was sending with them — half the boxes of books that I wanted them to move and store for me is still sitting in the apartment.

I’m not even going to go into how much she QQed about it. *shrug* I said at least ten boxes, and for some reason they heard five — and she was having kittens over it, so I just sent out 7 boxes with them in the end. It would have been only five, except Chris had already moved the boxes onto the car and I wasn’t about to have him unload them and bring them back upstairs.

There was still space enough the car in the end — but who cares, right?

Anyways, I now have to figure out how to cheaply ship about a dozen or so boxes of clothing and books over to Boston without making my wallet want to cry big fat tears of blood.

I tried looking at moving companies, but as I suspected, they fell into the 2k -3k range. Not to mention I really don’t need a moving company for the amount of stuff I have.

Then I looked at the “you pack, they drive” options — the quotes I got also fell into the 1k range, which although is much more affordable — I still don’t want to drop that much money on it. That’s when I just donate all my books to the library and re-buy them because it’d be cheaper.

The bottom line is that I have too much stuff to mail, and too little stuff for all the above options to actually make sense. Even the “charge by the amount of space you use” companies such as U-pack and Broadway express that I was looking at seem to need a certain economy of scale to start actually making sense. When I was using the “calculate a rough guesstimate” option on Broadway, it wouldn’t even let me use less than 640 cubic feet because the minimum of linear feet they do is 10 — which is retarded when I only need about 100 at most.

I tried Googling key words with “college student”, “moving cross country”, “moving after graduation”…etc. But they seemed to all want to talk about how the feckless youth are unable to survive on their own and are crying home to mommy. Not helpful.

In the end, I might end up shipping the books Media mail and then, depending on what else I have, shipping everything else with UPS or using the flat-rate boxes the USPS has. However, the only pickle I have with that is it makes for pretty inefficient packing. Media mail means that you can only ship books or DVDs or whatnot, and sometimes in order to use the space in the most intelligent way possible, I’ll tuck in a pillow case or a pencil box — which isn’t allowed.


We’ll see.

On a lighter note, there’s a man who was brought to court for trying to ship himself home in a box because he thought it would be cheaper than a plane ticket — amazing, isn’t it? I mean, with AirTran and such companies offering tickets one way at about 60-89 dollars a pop…


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