The calm at the center of a pearl

May 15, 2008

Real life (TM) and how people don’t care.

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Apparently someone doesn’t care about funny drunk men.

Uh-huh. Wonder why you took that extra few minutes to leave a comment to say so then.


China Sichuan had a pretty bad earthquake on Monday (7.9) — to think that I was QQing about having rain for my graduation.

The whimsical part of me wonders if the drizzling rain that lasted for two days were tears for the many that were lost that day.

According to a Chinese newspaper I picked up, at least 12k are confirmed dead and another 100k are “lost” in the rubble when the city was buried after the earthquake hit.

I don’t know how to react to this — I don’t know how I can believe in a omniscient God that would allow something of this magnitude to happen. I think of the parents who dug with their bare hands in the ruins of the schools, only to pull out corpse after corpse.

I don’t even know what to do to help — donations are a given — but I can’t help but think that the people are the most important part, and so many of them are gone. I briefly thought about volunteering, but it seems that the Red Cross and Mercy Corps are only asking for monetary donations.

Also, from news reports, it seems that the Chinese government is lying about the number dead and missing. Call-ins are saying that Beichuan alone has a couple 10k dead, and that’s only one of the places that was hit. I think it’s ridiculous that the English news that I’m Googling says that there’s “at least” 8700 dead — the number has to be much, much higher than that. I also hear rumors that China isn’t allowing volunteers — if that’s true, China is going to have a LOT to answer for.

Donate if you can, pray if you can’t — do both if possible.


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