The calm at the center of a pearl

May 18, 2008

Twitter or no? And on that note…

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It seems that people first heard about the earthquake in China through Twitter.

That’s pretty impressive, I can see how it is a powerful tool — potentially even more amazing if you have a network of dedicated journalist-bloggers who have a good eye and ear on the grapevine.

Now I’m tempted to look into getting Twitter — although I can see how some people would only be talking about what they just had for lunch. Not to bash cheese-sandwiching — but still…

Also, I love the “schedule” your posts function so I can leave home for a jaunt and still maintain my daily blogging hope. I never even really took a good look at it before this.

I’m really thinking about getting my own website so I can set up slightly more complicated functions such as polls, archive backups, and so on. Or it may be that I can do it all from WordPress, and I’m just too tech-illiterate to do it. On the other hand — I’d have to poke Chris about setting it up for me, so I should probably only do it if I really want to look up how to do it myself.

Also, I’m feeling pretty torn about what comments to allow. In the name of free speech, maybe I should be allowing whatever non-linkage spam that is posted. However, I really don’t think that endless strings of lol really helps the free-speech movement.

Any takers on that one?


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