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May 24, 2008

For all that’s good and holy …

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I just found out — rather belatedly, I’m afraid — that an Austrian man locked up his own daughter since she was 18 in the cellar, fathered seven children on her…

And is now appealing insanity.

So, after he plotted it out in great detail since she was 12 — including constructing the jail where she was kept for 24 years with a door that weighs half a ton — raped her repeatedly, forced her to bear him seven children without the benefits of medical assistance, allowed her and her children’s health to deteriorate to the point where one of the kids is in a medically induced coma…

He’s pleading insanity NOW?

I don’t even know if I agree that he’s insane or not. Certainly his actions support the idea. But I can’t imagine someone who so cold-bloodedly and logically planned this out as being under the control of a mental disorder — which is what cinches it for me, in the end.

Sure, he may be insane, but I don’t believe that should free him from being imprisoned in a dark cell underground and hopefully raped up the ass till he hemorrhages out repeatedly and fed sugar till all his teeth fall out like Elisabeth’s did.  Too bad he’s 73 and probably wouldn’t survive that long even if they did convict him.



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