The calm at the center of a pearl

June 10, 2008

Drama makes the world go round

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Got back about two days ago from the wedding.

It was hectic, exhausting, utterly worth the trip, and not something I’d ever want a repeat of.

Just had a convo with a friend and feeling rather slapped at the moment. I’m sure it’s silly of me to feel that way, but I was trying to talk about how I saw a certain issue and he said that he really didn’t want to talk about such things anymore. Such things being prattling about the issues our friends have, I suppose.

Made me feel like a gossip-mongering whore, which I’m positive wasn’t his intent.

But anyways.

I like to discuss people. What makes them tick, why they did something, what they did that made me upset, what they’re doing wrong at the moment, what they’re doing right, what’s going on in their life, etc.

I don’t like shying away from topics just because it’s uncomfortable and I hate it when someone tells me to cut what we’re talking about short because it might be offensive or because it’s awkward making.

I don’t try to offend, I just try to understand as thoroughly as I can what you think about the subject and try to tell my point of view. If the calm exchange of information is offensive, then that grates on my nerves.


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